Panchakarma Treatment Packages

Panchkarma is cleansing process, which performed on the body for its purification and detoxification

Panchkarma is cleansing process, which performed on the body for its purification and detoxification. As Ayurveda suggests, our body consists three dosha like Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If these there witness any imbalance in its amount in the body, it creates trouble for the body in terms of various diseases.

Thus Panchkarma helps in keeping three vitiated doshas expelled out of from body and keeping it healthy.

As you know, Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshna are the five detoxification processes known as Panchkarma to purify and detoxify the body.

To purify and detoxify the body from other doshas, there are various other ways suggested by Ayurveda apart from these five processes. We provide all the conventional therapy and processes suggested by Ayurveda, with new and latest technologies and equipments.

You can get benefit from our various Panchkarma packages, which are available at our center. The exclusive facilities at our center make your mind, body and soul overwhelming and ready to face the new challenges of life.

Health Care Packages: As it has been said that 'prevention is better than cure', so why we should wait to visit physicians only after being ailing. We believe that disease and ailments can be avoided by following health care in advanced. Thus our center provides several health care packages, which can help you in keeping you healthy.

Rejuvenation Panchakarma Package: If you need to rejuvenation from your day-to-day exhaust, then certainly this package is especially for you.

Spinal Care Panchakarma Package: The wrong way of sitting, sleeping etc causes these troubles and we provide appropriate package for spinal care.

Cardiac Care Panhcakarma Package: Ayurveda provide various ways for cardiac care and we provide such a facilities at our center.

Skin Care Panchakarma Package: Skin related problems required a lengthy treatment and we provide package for the same.

Eye Care Panchakarma Package: Ayurveda prefers various ways to take care for eye relate problems and we provide many packages to keep eye healthy.

Hair Care Panchakarma Package: Hair related troubles like hair fall etc are the common problems today and we provide you better package for the same.

Insomnia Care Panchakarma Package: Insomnia has today turned a major problem for some people and we have packages related to problem.

Anti Aging Panchakarma Package: We also provide anti aging panckakarma package for you to rejuvenate you from aging troubles.

Stress Management Package: Stress has become a part of life today in the tough and competitive times; we provide various stress panchkarma packages to cope with stress.

Complete Detoxification Package: We have also a package, which provide you the complete detoxification and purification of the body.

Complete Digestive Care Package: Diseases related to stomach and digestive system has become common today. We provide special package to avoid all the digestive ailments finally.

Treatment Packages: Your relief from your ailments is our first motto and our experts provide you required facilities for the same. They diagnose your body extensively and prefer the mode of treatment, which is required for your body. We provide you various packages that keep you free from diseases and you feel rejuvenated.

Psoriasis Treatment Package: As you know Psoriasis is a chronic type disease but we provide packages for the cure from the same.

Weight Loss Package: Weight Loss has become common problem today and mass section of population suffering from this. Our center provides cure and package to overcome the problem.

Insomnia Treatment Package: Needless to say insomnia is major problem for its sufferers and it require more attention for the same. Our center provide special package for the cure of this.

Arthritis Treatment Package: Arthritis is another common problem today and it requires several care and treatment. We have special arthritis treatment package from which you can get advantages form this.

Sciatica & Backache Treatment Package: Sciatica & Backache are another common problem today, which affects badly to its sufferers. It also requires a lengthy care and we provide economy and effective packages for recovery from the ailment.

Cervical Spondylosis Treatment Package: The bone related problem which has become common for the people older than 55. We provide a package for the treatment with economy however effective treatment.

Asthma Treatment Package: Asthma which is a lungs and respiratory system related problem also requires a long period. It affects badly the patients as it affects the respiratory system; we have packages for the betterment of the same.

Migraine Treatment Package: There is various way of panchkarma process, which we provide at our center which for relief from the migrain.

Piles- Fistula Treatment Package: Piles and Fistula also requires lengthy process for its cure and we provide packages for its cure and treatment.

Hypertension Treatment Packages: We provide packages to deal with hypertension related troubles and our experts provide better cure for the problem.

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